Whoogle: A privacy friendly search engine

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What is whoogle ?

Whoogle is a privacy friendly (meta) search engine. It uses google for it’s data but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. It’s Free and opensource software.


Why use whoogle?

If you didn’t knew, a great chunk of google’s revenue comes from ads and tracking. They use their services to gather user’s private data and use it for their own benefit, privacy is extremely important. While there are other privacy based search engines like duckduckgo.com, it lacks the quality results provided by google. Also most of them aren’t FOSS (Free and opensource). Whoogle is literally best of both worlds, you get quality search results and features like duckduckgo bangs also exist in whoogle. It also has features like routing the traffic through the TOR network and HTTP/SOCKS proxy support. *You can read the full information of whoogle’s github page. *😉

How to use whoogle?

You can use one of the public instances of whoogle (like the one I run, https://search.albony.xyz/) But if you don’t trust random people on the internet 😄, you can host it yourself (if you are savvy enough.) The instructions are on the github page for whoogle.

My Instance of Whoogle

Example image

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